Headed Back to Office? Test Your Business Acumen

Daydreaming and poverty, stock traders who divorce, and crowdfunding strategies

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True or false: The poor, though suffering many burdens, are at least more able than the wealthy to take time to daydream about a better life.
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Individual investors who’re heading toward divorce:
Significantly underperform fellow stock traders not involved in divorce.
Inexplicably outperform them.
Perform no better or worse than traders not involved in divorce.

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Some 200,000 projects have raised nearly $6 billion on Kickstarter. When crowdfunding, is it better to offer a fully developed product or one that can accommodate funders’ suggestions?
Fully developed — nobody wants to fund something still in development.
One without the finishing touches, inviting involvement of funders.
It doesn’t matter.

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TSLA Market Cap Chart

TSLA Market Cap data by YCharts

Tesla’s market capitalization — bigger than the combined values of Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen — suggests some investors think Tesla will one day account for the entire U.S. car market, yet competitors are introducing their own electric vehicle models rapidly. An explanation might be:
Those investors are certain that other carmakers will go bankrupt.
They’re certain overall car sales will triple.
During periods of innovation and speculation, investors choose winners and are reluctant to adjust their beliefs.

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Politicians and labor unions typically love reshoring — bringing manufacturing and other jobs, which had been offshored, back to the U.S. Investors didn’t favor:
Tech companies moving research and development back home.
Companies that reshored operations from China.
Outsourcing, or bringing in house, operations as part of a reshoring.
All of the above.

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