How Long Does a Humanitarian Crisis Last?

How to spot fake online reviews and the relationship between herding cultures and violence

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According to estimates by the United Nations, the average humanitarian crisis lasts:

Nine weeks.
Nine months.
Nine years.

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Fake online reviews litter sites like Amazon. To identify and delete them, sites should:

Wait for customers to complain about shoddy products purchased because of glowing reviews.
Analyze the reviewers, who’re often part of highly organized fake review networks.
Analyze the reviews for word patterns and false notes.

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Programs that allow utilities to reduce a household’s energy usage temporarily, to curb systemwide usage during peak times, in use for years:

Could save 38% more money with some tweaking.
Will likely become less efficient as consumers weary of the arrangements.
Are already as efficient as they can be.

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Modern day societies that have grown out of animal herding cultures:

Are less inclined to engaged in violence and revenge.
More inclined.
A. No more or less inclines than today’s societies that grew out of nonherding cultures.

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Sending primary care physicians data on how they rank against peers in getting patients to schedule preventive care tests:

Made the doctors happier in their work and resulted in more tests.
Made the doctors less happy in their work but resulted in more tests.
Made the doctors less happy in their work and was ineffective at getting more tests scheduled.

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