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How investors react to volatility, the marshmallow test reconsidered and the role of gender in some career advice

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When volatility enters the stock market, investors tend to adjust their expectations:
Perfectly in line with the change in risk and reward
By initially overreacting, then underreacting to the continuing volatility
By underreacting, then overreacting

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A new study that disavows the predictive powers of the famous marshmallow test was carried out:
Over the strenuous objections of the test’s originator, Walter Mischel
In part by Mischel himself, though he died before the study was completed
Only after Mischel’s death

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Asking professionals — who work in the field one has chosen to pursue — for career guidance, women are more likely than men:
To be warned about work-life balance difficulties
To be assured that work-life balance issues are manageable
To be ignored

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A study suggests one way to increase interest in value investing would be:
To get Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger to go on CNBC more often
To redefine book value to include intangible assets
To re-define tech startup losses as profits

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For the decade after taking a job at a small, early stage startup company, a study suggests workers would reap:
Less pay than those at bigger companies
More pay than those at bigger companies
The same pay as comparable workers at bigger companies

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