Velibor V. Mišić

Associate Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management


Velibor Mišić’s research has spanned subjects in the area of analytics such as choice and assortment problems, robust optimization, dynamic decision making under uncertainty and health care. He is focused on developing analytics methodologies that allow firms to transform data into decisions that create value. His research has been published in journals such as Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research and Computers & Operations Research.

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5 Articles

Telescopes with sky and clouds Research Brief / Innovation

Maximizing Capacity Utilization of Unique Equipment

An algorithm to reduce telescope repositioning time boosts productivity between 10% and 25%

A white clock on a black background that is dissolving on the right side Research Brief / Data Analytics

Deciding When to Decide Can Lead to Better Outcomes

An interpretable model versus black-box algorithms for complex decision making

A military cargo airplane taxis on a n airbase runway Research Brief / Operations

Improving Airlift Schedules with Algorithms

Splitting complex problems into parts simplifies and greatly speeds the task

Research Brief / Technology

Can Algorithms Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Measuring the utility of increased care and testing, inputs that aren’t always immediately available

Hospital emergency room Research Brief / Health Care

Machine Learning Can Help Reduce Post-Surgical Hospital Readmissions

A model outperformed simpler statistical approaches in predicting which patients would encounter trouble