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Headphones and feelings, preventing hospital readmissions, and the relationship between meaning in life and happiness

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Listening to a podcast or other audio using headphones (or earbuds) vs. sound played from a speaker makes people feel:

Annoyed and less receptive to the message.
Closer to the voice and more receptive.
No difference between listening methods.

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Blurry image of patient on stretcher being unloaded from ambulance

Using an algorithm to prevent patients who’ve been discharged from needing to be readmitted to the hospital suggests:

Examination of each patient by a physician or other clinician on day of discharge.
A regimen of lab tests designed to reveal potential problems.
A mix of the two, more labs when clinicians aren’t available, fewer labs when they are.

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Who feels happier when also having a strong sense of meaning, or purpose, in life?

Poorer people.
Richer people.
The correlation between meaning and happiness is the same across income levels.

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Which company is likelier to swing for the research-and-development fences?

One with an overvalued stock price, perhaps scrambling to live up to market expectations.
One with an undervalued stock, perhaps hoping to get noticed.
They’re equally likely to attempt innovative R&D.

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In a study of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, plastic containers, which size contributes the least (per ounce of beverage) to landfill waste?

Small (less than 16 ounces).
Big (more than 100 ounces).

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