Rakesh Sarin

Professor of Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management; Paine Chair in Management


Rakesh Sarin’s theoretical interests include preference theory, decisions under uncertainty and equity and fairness in decision making. He has developed models that have found applications in project evaluation, new product development decisions and analyzing risks to human health and the environment. His recent research has focused on identifying laws that govern happiness. Sarin serves as the editor-in-chief of Decision Analysis, a peer-reviewed journal of INFORMS. He has also served as a consultant to several private and public organizations.

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2 Articles

A nighttime image of a homeless encampment on a city corner in Los Angeles. Research Brief / Wealth Inequality

Go Ahead, You Decide How Much Wealth Should Be Redistributed

Can modern decision theory, paired with a half-century-old thought experiment, help make a more just society?

A man shopping for soap Research Brief / Marketing

When It Pays Not to Help Your Customers Comparison Shop

Rakesh Sarin creates a model that shows consumer “ambiguity” about product quality should drive marketing and brand management strategy