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Avoiding crowds, crafting cover letters and choosing a major at West Point

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Headed to the bank, or choosing a commuting time, we intuitively know when others might do likewise and adjust our plans to avoid crowds.

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Applying for jobs in a male-dominated field, such as computer programming, women sometimes opt for less feminine-sounding language in cover letters.
It neither helps nor hurts, as managers solely focus on quantifiable qualifications.
It often backfires, with hiring managers finding such applicants less hirable and less likeable.
Managers love that and hire masculine-sounding women in droves.

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In a study of more than 18,000 West Point students, the highly disciplined cadets were less likely to pursue a major in a field when the initial class was:
Early in the morning.
Right after another class.

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In today’s business environment, a company’s allies can quickly turn into competitors, including:
Component suppliers.
Sellers of technology or services that consumers use alongside your product.
Distributors of your products.
All three.

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Slower turnover of inventory. Reduced profits as measured by return-on-assets. Which federal initiative led to these problems for many U.S. manufacturers?
The Trump Administration’s tariffs on Chinese goods.
Biden’s pledge to reduce methane emissions as part of the U.S. re-joining international efforts to limit global warming.