Why Do Scholars Disagree on Whether Diversity Boosts Growth and Innovation?

Also: inventions and the age of collaborators; Airbnbs vs. hotels; and when to schedule meetings

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In Chicago, on the right, large swaths are dominated by single ethnicities. While New York City has a multitude of integrated neighborhoods like Queens, on the left.

New York and Chicago are each highly diverse cities, but differently. How so, specifically as it applies to creation of economic growth and innovation? 

As the song goes, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” New York attracts people of all backgrounds who’re a cut above.
As capital of the Midwest, Chicago draws a diverse population with a uniquely strong work ethic.
Within individual neighborhoods, New York is diverse; Chicago’s neighborhoods are more dominated by single ethnicities.

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Collaboration is crucial to invention. It hurts an inventor most to lose a collaborator who is:

On the young side.
Age is irrelevant to collaboration on innovation.

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You’re a CEO and your company’s stock gets included in an industry-specific exchange traded fund, or ETF. Now, your capital spending more closely correlates to your stock price. Why?

The alignment of the planets.
You believe ETF investors are better informed and thus your stock price more accurately reflects the value of the business.
The two numbers aligning makes for a better PowerPoint slide.

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When New York and other cities finally started cracking down on Airbnb, hotels celebrated by:

Offering half-price rooms and free champagne to guests.
Doubling the number of free chocolate chip cookies at the check-in counter.
Raising prices.

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Too many meetings? Your firm can likely skip the weekly confab and leave to individual teams when to gather if: 

The team is small and the members have similar productivity.
The team is large and members have varying productivity.
Never. Weekly meetings are a must.