Why Some Clinical Trial Data Remains Hidden

Alibaba warehouse workers, signs of innovation, and how gender of Brazilian mayors played out in COVID-19

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The Food and Drug Administration since 2007 requires clinical trial data to be made public, to alert drug users to possible side effects, with potential $10,000 daily fines for failing to timely disclose. Compliance has been spotty. Fines levied so far total:

$41.4 billion.
36 bitcoin.

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A group of workers at an Alibaba warehouse in China lifted their productivity 17.9% after believing they were being assigned tasks by:

An algorithm.
A local political leader.
A warehouse supervisor.

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Patent output and R&D spending are widely followed barometers of corporate innovation. Name another statistic meriting increasing attention.

Square footage of a company’s labs.
Product trademarks.
Repetition of the word innovation in the CEO’s annual letter to investors.

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Mayors in Brazil had control of pandemic policies around lockdowns and distancing. Researchers observed:

Male mayors locked down sooner, then eased up during COVID-19’s second wave.
Women mayors locked down sooner, then eased up during COVID-19’s second wave.
There was no difference based on the mayor’s gender.

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Requiring the disclosure of drug-company gratuities to physicians caused which doctors to prescribe fewer expensive drugs?

Those who accept lots of gratuities.
Those who accept fewer or no gifts.

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