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Wage transparency, hourly pay and Hurricane Irma

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Wage transparency (everyone within an organization is privy to how much everyone else is paid) would:
Cure the gender-wage gap by arming women with information with which to negotiate.
Allow workers to wrest more of a firm’s profits away in compensation.
Neither A nor B. Research suggests it would exacerbate the wage gap and also benefit employers more than workers.

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People paid on an hourly basis, or who bill by the hour, think differently about their time than workers paid equally but on a salary. The hourly people:
Enjoy volunteering more and are also more inclined to schmooze with co-workers away from the office.
Enjoy volunteering less and are less inclined to schmooze.
Enjoy volunteering less and are more inclined to schmooze.

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California’s Legislature has repeatedly considered — and failed to pass — bills that would strip some zoning power from municipalities that stymy home construction. In France:
Taking zoning power from a group of municipalities pushed building permits up 12.5%.
Taking away zoning power instead led to 12.5% fewer building permits.
There was no change.

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Amid a surge of borrowing to take advantage of low interest rates, 18% of publicly traded companies failed to promptly disclose terms of a loan deal. Research indicates the nondisclosers tended to:
Have borrowed on terms less favorable than other similar companies.
Have borrowed on terms better than other similar companies.
Have been forgetful.

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Some 6.5 million Floridians were ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, and compliance was 34% among likely Trump supporters and 45% among likely Clinton supporters, researchers found. They attributed the difference to:
A fundraising dinner for Trump that week, which supporters wanted to stick around for.
A Rush Limbaugh broadcast ridiculing the evacuation order.
Democrats living in more hurricane-vulnerable locales.

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