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Welcome to UCLA Anderson Review's quiz, in which we aim to extract business and life lessons from faculty research we cover each month.

Welcome to UCLA Anderson Review’s quiz, in which we aim to extract business and life lessons from faculty research we cover each month. Should a question pique your interest, you can click through to the Review article for a full explanation of the research. Give yourself a gold star if you answer all five questions correctly, but the real reward will be encountering useful and interesting information. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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The CEO’s name is Arthur. Three stock analysts are predicting this year’s profit for Arthur’s company. Who will likely have the most accurate estimate?

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Nursing home employees are often required to work at multiple facilities. Their movement between nursing homes has helped spread the coronavirus among vulnerable patient populations, with tens of thousands of deaths. Following smartphone signals, researchers found, on average, a single nursing home was connected to how many others by common workers?

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It’s often said millennials will be the first generation to do worse financially than their parents. An examination of data, however, suggests that by some measures:
Millennials will all be wealthy.
Prior generations have also failed to out-earn and out-spend their parents.
It won’t matter because of global warming.

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Models of business success often narrowly measure returns on capital, but some also measure gains to customers and suppliers. Over 30 years in the airline industry, amid bankruptcies and employee pay cuts, how much of total economic gain went to customers in the form of low fares?
None, when reduced legroom is factored in.

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What did talking to smokers about willpower, laziness, weakness and responsibility and whether non-smokers are superior to them lead the smokers to do?
Quit on the spot.
Smoke their next cigarette sooner than those who weren’t shamed.
Start fistfights with researchers.