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Fake Amazon reviews, cultural norms around gender, and stocks held in Robinhood accounts

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A flurry of fake reviews to spur sales of a product on Amazon typically lasts about six days. Amazon systematically identifies and deletes the reviews within:
20 days.
40 days.
100 days.

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Asked about career ambitions, desired salary and willingness to travel or work long hours, which group in a study of MBA students expressed lower ambitions after learning answers would be made public:
Married women.
Single women.

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The universe of stocks held by customers of the trading app Robinhood, during the three years ended in August 2020:
Outperformed the broader stock market.
Was overweighted in marijuana stocks.
By June 2020, included a huge bet on beaten-down airline stocks.
All of the above.

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Confronted over their use of a negative stereotype of one racial group, white people in a study:
Hardened their position and expressed an even more bigoted view of the group.
Used a slur to describe the person who confronted them.
Reduced their bigoted view of the group mentioned and of other minority groups and women.

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When private equity firms buy nursing homes, they tend to:
Add staff in all locations.
Add staff in competitive markets and cut staff in noncompetitive markets.
Cut staff in all locations.