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L.A. gets schooled, women and their mentors, and what digital currencies might do to poorer nations

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Los Angeles has long lagged other major metro areas of the U.S. in educational attainment but has lately been catching up, thanks to:

Younger Californians staying in school longer these days.
College dropouts moving to Texas.
Lakers, Dodgers and Rams all trading for well-educated players.

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Women professionals are often offered — and, when given the option, ask for — women mentors. They explain that:

Women mentors provide better job connections.
The idea of a male mentor creeps women out.
Women are friendlier and easier to talk to.

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When major currencies like the U.S. dollar and the euro adopt digital versions, less-developed economics like those in Latin America:

Can expect their citizens to increasingly bypass the local currency.
May see their currency’s value decline as it circulates less.
Could realize reduced government revenue due to less opportunity to issue new currency.
All of the above.

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Choosing to be an entrepreneur is always riskier than taking a job, especially so in developing nations like India.


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During an economic crisis, banks trying to survive adjust loan pricing by:

Charging higher interest rates to the most troubled borrowers and lower rates to healthier customers.
Higher rates to healthier customers and lower rates to sickly ones.
Cutting rates for everyone to the same level.

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