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Zara’s excess inventory, why California housing seems more reasonably priced and the right amount of free time

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Spanish retailer Zara couldn’t seem more modern, having married fashion sense to supply chain wizardry. A new store-level inventory management system, in its first clearance sale, achieved what level of compliance by managers at company-owned stores?


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What might help end the net out-migration of people from California?

Building a lot more housing in California.
Home prices in competing cities — Austin, Texas; Boise, Idaho; and Phoenix — rising faster than in San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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What’s the relationship between free time and happiness?

The more free time, the higher the reported happiness scores.
Six hours a day is the magic peak — happiness lessens with each hour of additional free time, or less free time.
Between two and five hours is the happiest range. Less than two, people feel stress; more than five, well-being declines.

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With democratic rule eroding in several countries, it’s worth studying habits of dictators. Have they tended to . . .

Reduce education of their citizens?
Increase education spending?

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What’s works better — say, in persuading shoppers to bring their own bags — a 10-cent per bag discount for compliers or a 10-cent surcharge for noncompliers?

The discount results in more self-brought bags.
The surcharge works better.
They’re equal.

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