Alicea Lieberman

Assistant Professor of Marketing


Alicea Lieberman’s research focuses on judgment and decision making, with an emphasis on motivation, health and behavior change. She draws on theories and frameworks from marketing, social and cognitive psychology, behavioral economics and public health to understand the cognitive, social and environmental processes that influence behavior. Lieberman’s other work investigates the role of social influence in behavior change. In research published by Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Lieberman and colleagues examine how a subtle change to a choice context influences perceptions of social norms and behavioral compliance.

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6 Articles

An illustration of two figures marching inside endless treadmills. Research Brief / Behavioral Decision Making

The More They Do It, the More Some People Prefer To Continue a Tedious Task

Even when there’s an easy-to-access better alternative, some prefer their rut

Reflection in the mirror of man brushing his teeth Research Brief / Consumer Behavior

Boring Tasks We Abandon Too Soon: a Method to Finish the Job

Pairing the mundane — hand washing, teeth brushing — with more engaging activities

Woman with headphones stands in crosswalk Research Brief / Behavioral Decision Making

The Connective Pull of Headphones

We literally feel closer to someone we’re hearing via headphones

Poster with text that reads, "colorectal cancer screening tests here" Research Brief / Nudges

Cancer-Screening Procrastination Can Be Deadly: a Nudge Lifts Compliance

At-home test for colorectal cancer delivered with a deadline

Research Brief / Nudges

Why a Surcharge Can Alter Behavior Better than a Discount

Equal incentives perceived differently and can affect norms

Queue of disgruntled people waiting in line for a bank teller Research Brief / Nudges

We Hate Crowds, But Fail to Strategize on Avoiding Them

When might most other people choose to visit the bank?