Joyce C. He

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations


Joyce C. He’s research adopts a social perception lens to investigate mechanisms that perpetuate gender inequality and transform those insights to behaviorally informed systemic interventions to alleviate inequality. He’s initial research experience with the psychology of snap judgments inspired her to examine the real-world consequences of snap judgment, particularly in the workplace. He’s recent work focuses on solutions that aim to fix the “system.”

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4 Articles

Black pencil with white eraser removing a written mistake on a piece of paper. Research Brief / Gender

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Women — and some men — more inclined to apply for positions

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Warmth vs. Competence: a Way to Organize Study of Job, Gender and Racial Stereotypes?

Nurses (and women) rate highly for warmth; lawyers, not so much

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Opting Women into Competition Could Help Narrow Gender Gap

Fixing the process and abandoning the mindset of ‘fixing the women’

Research Brief / Gender

Downplaying Femininity in Cover Letters for Male-Dominated Job Backfires

Omitting female-typical language, in the eyes of hiring managers, makes a woman less ‘likable’