Uday Karmarkar

The Los Angeles Times Professor of Management and Policy; UCLA Distinguished Professor in Decisions, Operations and Technology Management


Uday Karmarkar has been the Los Angeles Times Chair in Technology and Strategy since 1994 and is UCLA Distinguished Professor of Decisions, Operations and Technology Management. His recent research has focused on information-intensive industries, and operations and technology strategy for manufacturing and service firms. As the impact of technology and globalization causes dramatic changes in many sectors and economies, his research addresses changes in employment and wages that have shown greater movement in services and information since 2000.

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4 Articles

Autonomous trucks on the road Feature / Technology

Rapid Change Is Coming to the Service Sector

Technology and “industrialization” are reshaping services as they did manufacturing

Illustration of two hot dog carts Research Brief / Pricing

Avoiding Direct Price Competition: Bundling and Unbundling

If one company bundles products, its competitors are always better off not bundling; the thing to avoid is a head-to-head competition wherein the only way to get an edge is by cutting prices

Illustration of a man reaching for cherries on top of a pile of math symbols Feature / Productivity

Picked All the Low-Hanging Fruit? Finding Opportunity in Mathematical Models

After management does its best, new analytical approaches take effectiveness up another notch

Two males looking at a computer screen Research Brief / Leadership

Quantifying Team Leadership Approaches: To Do, or to Direct Others?

In a field often ruled by personality, a rational model is proposed