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Test yourself on the Silicon Valley Syndrome, gender gap in math, minimum wage research and more

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As venture capital investment pours into a city, which kind of company doesn’t benefit?
Tech companies receiving VC funds
Local companies that sell to customers outside the area
Local companies that sell to customers inside the area

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The math gender gap, in which boys outperform girls, on average occurs:
Uniformly across all races
Most noticeably among black students, less so among white students
Most noticeably among white students, not among black students

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The Biden administration proposes to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15. Research suggests:
Raising the minimum wage causes job loss among the lowest skilled
Wages held below market levels by a process called monopsony mean increasing the minimum wage doesn’t necessarily reduce employment
A minimum wage increase also results in workers who already earn moderately more than the threshold receiving a raise
All of the above

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To try to cool off an overheating economy, the Federal Reserve raises the federal funds rate at which banks borrow from each other. Doing so:
Affects only a portion of a bank’s loan activities and affects each bank differently
Is felt across a bank’s loan activities and equally by all banks
Is felt across a bank’s loan activities but differently at each bank

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Smaller grocery chains, in a study, carry 34 yogurt varieties, or about one-third of the available choices. And a study finds they can threaten to drop a brand and replace it with another in order to:
Extract average price cuts of 12%
Extract average price cuts of 34%
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